Series Creator

The Inclusion Series is the result of Jacky Comforty‘s years of specialization in non-intrusive documentation of schools and communities.

He is known for the sensitive interviewing techniques he has developed for oral histories and other projects. His analytical skills, rich artistic range, and critical, media-literate approach allow him to capture life in a sincere and genuine way.

A self-learner, Jacky is multi-skilled, multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual. He has worked for over 35 years creating films and videos in the United States, Germany, Israel, and Bulgaria. He is an socio-educational entrepreneur who works to empower and inspire learning and community-building; his leadership, dedication and integrity have inspired international experts and renowned academics to support his endeavors and initiatives.

Comforty’s work has been especially groundbreaking in the fields of Inclusive Education and Holocaust Studies, and he has specifically highlighted the rescue of Bulgarian Jews. He is also a curator and owner of a large photographic, film, and audio archive of historical and scholarly significance to Holocaust Studies and of smaller collections relating to a myriad of topics, including early childhood and peace education.