THE INCLUSION SERIES is a unique resource for institutions and individuals.

This ten-part award-winning series is regularly used by educators, professionals and families worldwide in workshops, university classrooms, parent-teacher meetings, in-service programming, resource centers, and other educational and community settings. Throughout the series, special education teachers can see how their work in inclusive classrooms contributes to academic and social progress in all students, while other teachers can learn about the benefits of teamed support from special education teachers within the typical classroom environment.

The individual installments have been carefully produced to spark discussion about both the challenges and rewards of inclusion, thereby inspiring innovative solutions for significant challenges. They provide models to help schools make inclusion work well for all involved: students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community at large.

The videos are artfully crafted. They are genuine, dynamic and engaging in the way in which they unveil and demonstrate real inclusion as it happens at school, home, work, and play. They provide models of cooperative teamwork and effective support systems. The first nine installments were created in conjunction with the Illinois State Board of Education Project CHOICES. One program, Inclusion High, was partially funded by the Chicago Public Schools.

As our society works toward becoming fully evolved to the point where people with disabilities are accorded the full range of human and civil rights, Project CHOICES is one of the voices speaking on behalf of people with disabilities. THE INCLUSION SERIES amplifies that voice by vividly demonstrating inclusion in action.

THE INCLUSION SERIES offers a fresh perspective to parents and all community members alike. The videos are frequently screened at parent-teacher meetings and gatherings of civic groups and other types of organizations. Each installment shows children with disabilities developing optimally in inclusive settings. Moreover, the series demonstrates how the quality of education for all children is not diminished, but rather improved by the presence of special education teachers in the class. Independence, confidence, tolerance, and compassion are qualities that inclusion nurtures in all students and that are reflected in the mirror that this series strives to be.