This is a new media learning resource for current and future educators.  Sensitive media-literate methodology, aesthetics and ethics were developed specifically for this educational content. A result of 25 years of documentation and creation of award-winning educational programs. Currently, there are over 600 video clips and movies linked to the site, as we continue to add more from our archives.

View, research and analyze edited movies and raw video clips from real life documentation and interviews conducted by acclaimed educational documentarian Jacky Comforty, in projects involving esteemed organizations and institutions.

How can I use this archive?

  • as an individual and group learning system
  • to view examples of best practices in early childhood education
  • for learning inclusive philosophy and practices in action and hear the reflections and insight of pioneers of inclusive education
  • for training and teaching about teamwork, and how to observe body language and group dynamics as they unfold


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